Wednesday, April 8, 2009

humbled by those of you would do speed regularly

For the past two Saturdays, I have tested my speed limits and found my body- not responding well. Brief background: for those readers who have not read many of my posts - I prefer long steep climbs up mountains - where you set the cruising speed and you get into stride for a long time. These are my favorite types of runs. With this running, I, mistakenly, thought I had built up the muscles to tackle any feat. My assumption was inaccurate.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I set up my own course, and I raced a 5k in 19:30. I injured my hamstring. There was no pop or immediate pain. The pain was slow and crawled up the back of my leg. Last Saturday, I raced again, but this time the pain was quick and deadly, and I was reduced to a two-step shuffle (fortunately, my first 1.5 miles were very quick, and I was victorious). And, since Saturday, I have not run; i have not had the energy or the desire to run. This injury is taking a significant amount of my reserve and strength. I walked over a mile yesterday, and I finished tired and sore.

I am going to a physical therapist/MD today - I can only hope for good news.

PS - thanks again for the creative speed work tips. After I recover, i WILL implement them!!

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Kyler! said...

It's def. different from marathon training. You have to prep yourself for speed work, with lots of warm up, stretching and cool down. Find a good sports massage therapist too I've found that helps a lot.