Monday, May 11, 2009

Returning to the racing Circuit - Saturday in Madison

I guess I have returned.

In my 20's the racing was sporadic, and I don't remember most of the times. Often, the races would involve a mountain and (hopefully) a trail.

Since I have finished law school, my return to more traditional races has ensued (for how long - can't know it). This weekend was no exception.

I traveled far for 2 races (overall - more economical to do two). They were in Madison, GA. The 5k was at 7:30, which is VERY early for me. My best running occurs around 1:00pm. And, the 10k was at 8:30. Both courses were flat (subjectively) and the weather was warm (again subjectively). My times were slower than I had hoped, but my placement was commendable.

The 5k was rough; my body is not accustomed to the flatness and speed. I am more used to a rolling (hopefully very rolling) and diverse tempo. The 5K to me was fast and painful. For the first mile, my legs felt like rocks, and I could not get my mile < 6:42. During the next two miles, my legs continued to not work.

The 10K was more enjoyable. The distance allowed more warming up; the breathing was less labored and more oxygen (felt) consumed. This race, although my time was not too celebrated, was more of a representation of how I like to perform. The first two miles were around 7:15, and then the middle miles were a little slower. However, at mile 4, my body felt strong and a runner's high kicked in that last until the finish. A 2 mile + runner's high - always a reason to celebrate!!

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