Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekly "routine"

Preface: I have always hated using the word routine. For me routine = something I do several times and call it a routine, ie tell other people it is a routine. Explanation? Is it because I hope it will become a routine by overtly calling something I do more than once this label?

Notwithstanding my introduction, I now write that I have developed a weekly routine. The thought process is: on the weekends I (attempt to) binge run - run as many miles as I can over Saturday and Sunday. So, on monday I am "burned out" of running and the thought of going back to the woods slightly nauseates me. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays are my days when I am not as excited to be at work, so the fifty minutes or so in the woods provides a much needed head clearing, mind wandering and eye resting. These days are spent deep in the woods with Grendel bird watching and hill climbing; these afternoon sessions must be a type of therapy through adventure. I tell myself: I have discovered new trails, new ridges and seen many birds - I have had an adventure (i am chuckling at my ability to deceive).

The glorified and much welcomed end of the week: Fridays (this explanation needs its own paragraph). - an assumption could be that - this would be a celebration run - the week at work is over (very cliche), my weekend has started (yes I confess, I am a quasi-weekend runner warrior as evident by the binges). But on Fridays, I am mentally and physically exhausted, and the only activity that looks appealing is sitting on my couch with my fiance, Grendel, a beer and some dinner.

So, this is my second week of my "routine" - the real theme of this post is - will I break this habit of my routines not developing and meeting the definition(a regular course of procedure b: habitual or mechanical performance of an established procedure - see http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/routine) , or will I succumb to my usual failure and not meet this definition...

Maybe this routine will carry me to the next marathon??

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