Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Sunday Surprise: good 5k time

In < 3 weeks, I am running a relay with other GA runners in Southern IL. The relay consists of 3X 3.5 legs. The team is composed of me, a 25 yr old woman and several retired-age and very fast gentlemen. From the emails they have sent, I easily have deduced that their level of commitment and pride in this race is devoted and extreme. I am not familiar with the relay, the history, past successes or losses by this group, and/or, when I first agreed to sign up, the level of seriousness in the training. (One individual told me he was going to run 2 5ks a week to train - whoa)

-Aside - my approach to races. I enjoy running mountains and distance on trails, so other races seem easier in comparison... This running style lacks commitment to speed or consistency. However, I recently I have been surprised with a win or a fast time -

Return - From the emails I received, i deduced that I had better alter and increase my "training." My response today: set up a course around my neighborhood and run a 5k. So, this afternoon around 5:30pm (after several hours of trying to do work), I embarked. The first mile was warmup approx 9:00 minute mile; then the "race." My first mile was 6:07; it was painful. The pain started at the first 1/2 mile. After that first 1/2 mile, I told myself, wellllll maybe I will only do 2.1 miles. But, the second mile I slowed down to 6:31 mile, which aided in recovery, so the last mile was: 6:19 - and then I finished in 19:30. a 5k in 19:30! Now, I can say it has been a long, long time since I have run that fast. And, notwithstanding the pain, it was such a great experience. Such a great runner's high. My breathing was laborious, but my legs felt strong, and I increased my speed during the last mile. After I finished, I congratulated myself in my quest to race a 5k, by myself, and I ran a cooldown mile.

An enjoyable day of free 5k racing!

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