Thursday, December 11, 2008

Comment: Mind Matters - coping with injury

Upon receiving my "The Runaround;" I had to comment.

My posts have been more infrequent lately and my enthusiasm to run recently has declined. Have I been in a rut? Has the enjoyment of the constant plodding - become more of a dread? My surmise: the actual experience of training for a marathon vs. the initial hope.

The initial hope was styled as such: weekends full of running - anywhere everywhere - so many places I will have the opportunity to explore on foot. Time with my beloved Grendel; time with my beloved nature. Time with my thoughts - my own quiet time!
The reality has evolved as such: many hours away from my fiance, obsession with where am I going to run my double digits (small town and hunting season has decreased my available running space). And, frequent interruptions in my necessary running schedule.

To comment on Dr. Hammond's article - especially on the interruption in the running schedule - how frustrating this has become! If I miss a day - I am not too upset, but for example, my thanksgiving hiatus - really (in my mind) negatively impacted my running schedule!I was all prepared to be in Greenville running with fellow GTC members, but I ended up sleeping. I find, once i don't run for more than 1 day, my motivation decreases - am I genetically inclined for laziness? Am I a real runner?

For evidence to support the latter question: I can look to my history - 15+ years long distance running. Natural habit of running everyday. (Sufficient?)

SO -I rhetorically ask again - What has been the cause of this recent taking 2 or more days off a week?

Maybe there is no answer to this shift. Maybe it is for me to accept, quiet my mind and put on my running shoes and attempt to break this new unwelcomed habit. Or, in the spirit of Dr. Hammond - enjoy the extra hours in the day?


MindMatters said...

well this is really nice stuff. I just love it.

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