Sunday, December 21, 2008

2X Currahee + Lake Russell = 16 mile victory

2X up currahee (i need the hills for my marathon) + Lake Russell trail = sixteen miles. a sixteen mile victory- Mileage victory.

Running up Currahee is my hill/mountain which never becomes easier - no matter how many times I run it. The first 1.5 miles have become easier, but the last 1.2 - still after many months running it is still so difficult. A typical run starts with fresh legs and this feeling continues until the bottom of the climbing section. There, the mountain steeply turns upward and the climbing begins. And, not just any climbing - often, in the beginning I wonder if I am going to be able to run to the top, i.e., finish the climb. Will I walk this time? Will I be able to "set it in cruiser gear" and make it to the top? Always, when I reach the top, I am bent slightly forward, my breathing is laborious and my legs feel like weights. This feeling does not quickly dissipate (as I always think it will) on the way down. In the beginning of the descent, it is steep; steep enough for your legs to do little work and for gravity to take over. But, the climb up has made me so weary that on the way down I am more tense - trying to make sure I do not trip on a loose rock.

In theme of victory, today I was able to (after a quick snack and sip on Powerade) to run this mountain 2X. Hopefully, this repetition will assist in my climb of Mt. Mitchell -


imtheguz said...

very nice! Sounds like a sound victory!

imtheguz said...

Ahhh - looking up Currahee. Band of Brothers Mtn!