Sunday, April 4, 2010

stronger and stronger

After 3 weeks at a new job, and leaving every day with my head spinning & recovering from bronchitis (i am still on an inhaler) & the flu, my body is finally starting to respond to requests for sustained speed.

This weekend's weather was lovely. Saturday I convinced myself to really stay close to home; I ran around the town & took a walk with the hubby. Today, I could only convince myself to stay closer to home (going to be out of town for the next several weekends) as I sulked as my thoughts kept drifting to the trails in North Georgia. But, I did go to the trails at chicopee with a good friend and ran about 12 miles (total). The first 4.5 miles were faster, and the rest were a slow enjoyable transition to running in the hot weather (it was about 80 today!!). Today, was also a focus and introspection as to how my body would respond if i decided to sprint up a hill or down. It responded adequately, but I still have my doubts about my performance at the Dupont Half next weekend. Oh well - I guess I cannot expect too much so soon after a bad illness (which I ignored for many weeks before I addressed it). I will call the Dupont half - a training run for the Twisted Ankle marathon.

This week, I am goin to try to incorporate speed work! I really want to add some speed work. I think it will help...

Happy trails to all this spring!!


jenn said...

you'll do great at the half!! just listen to your body! I'm sure you'll run much better than you think you will!! Glad you are on the mend!

happy trails!!!


Sara said...

Thanks Jenn!!

What is your next race??