Friday, April 23, 2010

Running short distances can be fun, sometimes

After you spend your weekends in the woods for hours and hours - sometimes adding a pavement speedy 5k can be a nice change.

On Thursday evening, my employer - the large Hall County - entered, as a team, the Corporate Challenge 5k around Riverside; it was a 3 loop course with about 2 hills on the course. The course was pretty good; however, I would have preferred to not have dodged the people who started walking on the second loop. To prepare, with lunch, I drank a coke and had sufficient snacks! The weather was nice- a little warm for such speedy running, but the sky was clear, and the sun was high.

Not wearing a watch, I knew I had to do some internal monitoring. Wes, from the Lanier Track Club, started the race. Before he gave the go, he warned us not to start too quickly as the first 1/4 mile were downhill. This time, I did not let my nerves overpower me, and I took off quickly, but settled in when we started the first short hill. After we finished the 3rd loop, the course again went downhill for a flat .75 miles. I ran hard & finished in 19:59!! And, I won for women overall.

Upon reflection, I have to admit - running that fast and really feeling my legs turnover, was a good & different challenge & feeling. I can say - I will do it again!


jenn said...

SWEET!! that is an AWESOME 5k time!! congrats!!! WOO-HOO! :o)

Bedrock said...

Just found your blog. I have enjoyed a couple of your reports. I did the 7 Sisters course last week (I couldn't make the event) and it is an amazing route. Anyway, hope to meet you on the trail.


Sara said...

Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying my blog. I need to update it for a big run I did about 1.5 weeks ago in Georgia.

Yeah - I am sure i will see you on the trail sometime.