Monday, March 15, 2010

After a period of rest - transitioning back to training

After performing well at the Mt. Mitchell marathon - my body seemed to fall apart - I knew I was fighting a virus, but what I did not anticipate - was developing bronchitis.

Since last Monday, I have not run - I actually have barely walked. I have been putting effort towards resting and recuperating. I have taught yoga, but the amount of energy I would expend during class was lower.

Today, the weather was beautiful, and I felt rested, so I ran a mile. Tomorrow morning - I may run 2-3.

Many thoughts abound - how to slowly transition back into my heavy mileage before the marathon... For a couple of weeks, my miles were in the 60s for the week. I know for many runners, this is low, but for me - this has been a new high. I enjoyed the high level of miles, and I am looking forward to doing it again - especially before the Twisted Ankle - but, I know it will be more than several weeks before I reach that level again.

And, of course - I want to add some speedwork... - this spring - I hope to be stronger!

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