Friday, July 24, 2009

Leave the desire for long runs in the mountains

My expectations were of no running last weekend at the beach. I assumed 3 days of sun, sitting and meditating on the waves as they rolled over and over.

But, on Saturday, my friend had rented a bike, so we packed up some water and rode off onto the paved trail. I, again, assumed that it would be short and quick with no adventure. But, when our "trail" ran into the beach, we thought - how wonderful that would be. Sand, the sound of the ocean and moving air!! We were deceived by our delusions. The beach part started off well; until we realized we were running (she was biking - remember) against the wind. We were being sprayed with sand and salt. Then, I tried to find some solid ground. Again, mistake, I allowed my goretex shoes to get wet, but due to the amount of saturation, they had become unbearably heavy. I felt as though I had attached heavy weights to each shoe. After this realization, I tried to speed up. The effort was futile. And, my friend was having an even harder time on her bike. We were both miserable; wet and stinging with sand, so as we smart and well conversed in beach activity decided to take a random "path" off the beach.

Then, we were in a massive condominium complex surrounded by large trees, and there was no breeze. To spare the reader too many details, before we had to ask for directions 3 times, before I had to stop and walk b/c I was exhausted; before we were out there for over 2 hours, we were attacked by mosquitoes. Large, unyielding mosquitoes. They came for us. Like an army hiding in the bush - the lunged at us; pulled on our limbs and left me bleeding and running and screaming "help me" (although I don't remember the scream - my friend had to inform me).

I may return to my original assumption - when I go to the beach, leave the desire for LONG runs in the mountains.

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