Thursday, October 30, 2008

Countown until the end of my Birthday and the marathon

The marathon is February 28, 2009. My birthday will end in 30 minutes (EST).

I stared down the calendar and recounted and recounted the weeks until the marathon - only 17 more (my average). Since having a quasi-flu last week, which pushed me off my schedule, it has been harder to bounce back - mentally and physically - from what was once an easier activity - running. Before feeling so sick, I would grab my dog, my keys, my watch, and I would be out the door. Now, I have to sit myself down and give myself the pep talk, which could include the more forceful: "You signed up for the marathon - you have to" - or the desperate pleading "You will feel sooo much better physically and mentally after you have your daily dose of 'Runner high.'" Notwithstanding all the efforts to beg myself to cooperate, this week has been filled with only 3-4 mile triumphs followed by a begging for more sleep. I probably am still sick, but I hope this weekend will show me mercy and new found inspiration to start climbing the way up to 26.2

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